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GREAT Consumer Shows don't happen overnight, or in a bubble.  Berg Productions specializes in making smart media buys with media partners that deliver the right demographic to our shows!  Our media partners are selected because they deliver buyers to your booth.  At Berg Productions we don't dabble in this, or that, to see what works... we exclusively focus 100% of our ad dollars with the proven media partners that have helped us create successful, well attended, and profitable shows for our vendors. 

In a world of media fragmentation our shows are the one place you can reach everyone and anyone looking to solve their home and garden problems, launch projects and find inspiration for their home and garden. And the reason they fill the aisles of the shows is because we made a massive media buy running from Newport to Bend and Corvallis to Ashland! 

Consult with us to help you create a powerful experience at the show. These are a few of our most valued, and time tested media partners that can assist you in creating powerful ads to maximize your sales results in our shows:  

The Register Guard ~ contact your R-G sales rep or Home&Garden Monthly Sales Manager Kelly Gant, (541) 338-2254, kelly.gant@registerguard.com

Home & Garden Monthly publishes three show editions annually in conjunction with the opening day our events.  Running an advertisement highlighting your special offers, or the latest product innovations you offer creates a better synergy in your show experience.  Along with your distinctive exhibit, an advertisement can help drive traffic to your booth - especially if you have a "show special".  It will set you apart from your competitors in the show. 

The Home & Garden Monthly has a longer shelf life than the daily paper and it offers our vendors a strong one-two punch at the serious homeowners launching projects. A digital version of the publication is posted on www.registerguard.com (scroll down the right channel on the front page and click on "lifestyle magazines."). 

We will be mailing you a flyer with the Register Guard's deadlines in your exhibitor packet about 45 days prior to the show.

KEZI-9 ~ Our major television sponsor provides our events top of mind awareness which drives tens of thousands of homeowners into our three events.  We have a 36 year history of partnership with KEZI-9 - they helped build our shows to what they are today!   With experience managers, sales staff, news crew and creative teams they do a great job of supporting local businesses like ours.  Their management understand our vendors help build a healthy economy, and we feel the love from KEZI-9's daily news coverage of our shows, to our event presence on KEZI.com.   

KEZI-9 enables us to utilize our marketing dollars to maximize our vendor's profits at each and every show.  Their creative services teams at KEZI-9 can write, film and produce effective television commercials for reasonable fees. 

A pre-show television campaign can drive traffic to your exhibit.  But, a post show campaign will remind homeowners how long your show special is extended beyond the show dates!  Television flights can be targeted to your desired demographic with a tailored message.   Give our account representative a call today - Dalen Corbett is our Marcus Mariota delivering us a winning show season. 

KEZI-9 -  Contact Dalen Corbett ph. 541.485.5611

Television is the strongest visual image to promote our events - resulting in huge crowds of homeowners.  That's why we also invest in Comcast Cable with an extended buy into Albany and Corvallis.  John Yegge has served our account with great results for about 15 years.

Keeping your market presence has never been more important.

Our shows bring tens of thousands of homeowners past your "showroom", in just a few days! 

Homeowners leave our shows knowing you are in business, that you want their business, and that you have the knowledge to do the job right!

Nothing beats face to face discussions to market any product or business, especially for complicated products that start with questions.  No homeowner goes to a phone book to select a designer, builder, remodeler or landscaper.  They go to home shows seeking professionals that speak to their needs. 

Grassroots Marketing is BACK!  Face to Face, Powerful & Real!

Consumer shows are for SELLING NOW and planting seeds for future business!

If your core business is not focused on homes, gardens or sustainability we can design sponsorship packages to bring your business into the conversation with our attendees.  

Berg Productions may even know of another event that can bring buyers to your business - give us a ring to discuss the best event to market your products, services and business!  

Karen Ramus, Show Manager ph 541.484.9247