Spring 2015 Exhibitors
Our Exhibitors Make Our Show, a SHOW!
36th Lane County Home & Garden Show®
2015 Exhibitors will be posted  March 6th  

-The End- 

Berg Productions, Inc. enforces a NO SOLICITING Policy. 
Our Exhibitors are at the show to conduct business with the valued guests of this event.  They do not want anyone soliciting them to them during this sales event. Please refrain from soliciting our vendors while they are working at our show. 
We also enforce a NO SOLICITING policy of the guests of the show. In other words, if you have not signed an exhibitor contract with Berg Productions you may not sell products, place flyers on cars, hand out flyers, place flyers on tables, set up outdoor exhibits, or park commercial vehicles on display in the parking lots.   
Do not paper the cars in the parking lot or you will be billed the clean up fees for the parking lot.  Trespassers setting up at the Fairgrounds will be fined and arrested.  Freeloaders soliciting will be arrested.  Signs are clearly posted on our Official Policy.
Thank you for your cooperation!